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A content publishing tool to create your own e-books in EPUB format
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ETI’s eBook Publisher is a content publishing tool that allows you to create XML-based documents following the Open eBook standard (ODF). Then, it will wrap it up into an OEBFF container (EPUB) that you can later upload to any device supporting this e-book standard. You can create your own EPUB publications from any Word, Powerpoint, or RTF file, and add an interactive glossary to them if desired.
This tool is equally useful to convert existing MS Office documents into e-books, and to compose your own ODF documents from different text and image files. Its built-in editor will allow you change and improve the automatically generated XML files. eBook Publisher also includes ETI’s eBook Viewer, so that you can preview the resulting e-book before exporting your project.
This intuitive software tool includes a complete settings dialogue to help you add detailed information about your EPUB publication. Apart from the basic metadata needed to describe any book (author, title, ISBN, and so on), you will be able to determine its bookshelf category, adding as many BISAC codes and keywords as you wish. The pricing can also be defined here, applying different price tags in different currencies for each of the selected trade zones. Finally, you can add compression and encryption to your e-book containers, for portability and rights protection, respectively.
Developed by eBook Technologies, one of the main supporters of the EPUB format (IDPF’s international e-book standard), follows the Open eBook Publication Structure Specification 1.0, which has been largely updated since 1999. As a consequence, the accessibility and navigability options available through the DTbook specification that were introduced in 2007 cannot be implemented in the e-books created with eBook Publisher. However, the resulting EPUB container does include the NCX navigation file which needs to be part of any EPUB publication.

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  • Fast and reliable automatic processing of all imported files
  • Preview and edit functionalities for a more refined output


  • Follows the superseded specification Open eBook 1.0 from 1999
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